Ted Bundy daddy - daughter - two page letter dated November 8, 1984 in which Bundy talks about his daughter during a recent visit to see him.

The letter is hand signed, “Ted”.

Bundy writes, “Dear ____, I hope all is well with you, Eddie and family.  I haven’t heard from you in several days and I’m a bit concerned.
Cold, clear weather has finally come to balmy Florida.  Fall is here.  It’s icebox cold in the place I live.  The steel and concrete hold the cold all day long.
I got to see Margot last Sunday!  This was something of a very pleasant surprise.  Not only didn’t I expect to see Margot during the trip of hers to Florida, I didn’t expect to see Carole, Rosa or Jamey until after Thanksgiving.   However, it is possible for someone in my position, who being “disciplined” to be granted a special visit.  We thought Margot’s trip to Florida from Seattle qualified as a special circumstance so last week Carole and Margot went to see the prison superintendent, who agreed to the special visit. 
We had six lovely hours together.  Rosa has changed so much in the four weeks since I last saw her.  The major difference is that she is really talking now.  She won’t stop.  She’s like a beautiful little parrot. All dayit was “Daddy” this and “Daddy” that.  She was very much into talking to me and generally trying to keep me to herself.  “You stay here, Daddy”. she’d say when I’d tell her to get back to Carole, Margot (Gamma) and Jamey.  I was as pleased and delighted as I could be. 
Margot is enjoying herself, spending her days with Rosa, and evenings with Carole an dher friends.  She made Rosa a Raggedy Ann costume for Rosa for Halloween.  She (Rosa) looked adorable.  As much fun as she is having, I know in a week or so she’ll be ready to get back to her house and garden. 
What happened in the election?  I heard it was a Reagan landslide, God forbid.  Please send me all the clippings you can on it and a damage report.
My love to you, Eddie and your family.  Ted”  -  $3,500

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Other family members in an odd twist hope to gain from Dahmer’s death, an attorney representing eight of the families today pushed police to release Dahmer’s belongings so they can be auctioned off. On the list, one of Dahmer’s refrigerators where the victims remains were found, and an eight quart kettle, the families hope to make atleast $100,000 from the sale.

- News report, 1:07.


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